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Weathering Marital Storms with Counseling

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Weathering Marital Storms with Counseling


Storms are inevitable, but thanks to weather forecasts, you are not often caught by total surprise. You can prepare and protect yourself and your family by using an umbrella when you venture out of the house, donning a rain coat or a pair of snow boots, or perhaps keeping an emergency kit that is ready in case you need it. You may not need them every day, but you have them anyway.

Just like any natural weather disturbance experienced in life, your marriage may be at the mercy of storms that can potentially wreak havoc on your relationship and leave lasting damage. Is your marriage shaken by conflicts and disagreements? Is there always trouble brewing caused by meddling in-laws? Are the strong winds of health issues, infidelity, finances, etc. rocking your marital boat? How can your marriage weather the storm and survive without crumbling under the pressure, loss, pain, and problems?


Knowing the Storms in Marriage

Most marriages will face harsh weather at some point in time. You may see it coming from the horizon, like an upcoming relocation or an impending financial crisis. Sometimes, a storm may suddenly pop out of nowhere, such as the death of a loved one or a job layoff. Whatever storm you are facing there is no moment to spare to be sure your marriage finds a safe spot to survive. There can be torrential rains, flash floods, and harsh winds in any marriage.

The key is in predicting and surviving life’s storms together if they threaten your marriage. If a meteorologist can forewarn what type of weather to expect, or an insurance underwriter can give you an idea of your life expectancy, then you should be able to predict the kind of storms that may bring devastation in your marriage. In that way, you can proactively protect your marriage with counseling.


Let us look at the most damaging storms that can batter marriages:


  • Hurricanes: Infidelity is like a hurricane that can destroy a home. The warnings likely were apparent for days or weeks. As the storm brews, the eye of the hurricane thumps with hot winds and rough water conditions for days. It continues in its path to churn, leaving in its trail a lot of destruction. It may take several days to clean up the ruins and institute appropriate changes, but eventually life goes back to its regular course.


  • Drought: The lack or absence of communication for long periods of time can dry up the seed of love, care, kindness, etc. planted because the once rich soil of marriage has hardened and all the good qualities that use to inhabit the garden have vanished.


  • Tornadoes: In the tornado of marriage, panic can compel you to make foolish decisions and confront harm head on. If you are too stressed with things, you may say something out of anger or frustration. The unstable winds blow in different areas, spinning out of your command and bringing with them an assortment of trash and debris along the way. With much speed, these twisters can travel long distances to inflict much devastation. Too much cleanup is required. Remember, life can be rebuilt and started all over again.


Many marriages are besieged by their own peculiar storms, whether obvious or obscure, nevertheless, a torment to the couples and their families. A marital storm does not mean it is not a good, strong marriage. While they can be unavoidable, knowing what to do before, during and after the storm makes all the difference. It may just be a slight tropical weather disturbance, but if you do not take safety measures, your marriage can be in the middle of a category 5 hurricane.

Keep in mind, although they come with an aftermath, storms are bound to pass. After the storm the rainbow comes. After the storm the sun shines at its brightest. Facing the storm in your marriage together can help you weather and overcome whatever challenges it brings. Surely as the water recedes comes new life.


Riding Out the Storm

Couples who have been married for a while have their own share of stormy days. Like them, you are likely to have faced difficulties, which professional experts refer to as marital stressors. These are any kind of external influences, circumstances or events that challenge or threaten the stability of a marriage. When left unattended, these can contribute to the build up of tension and discord between spouses, and even fuel bitterness that can ignite division. Some marital stressors can cause couples to drift apart gradually, even with no or little conflict between them.

It is common for couples to struggle with some issues. There may be trials and difficulties that can be likened to the rain. On a positive note, these rains can drench your relationship which could otherwise wither away if not soaked and refined by challenges. The hard times may draw you together as a couple and strengthen your love and commitment to each other. Riding out the storms and coming out victorious over life’s challenges forge a special bond between you and your spouse that in the years ahead you can look back on with joy and pride at the journey you have sailed the rough waters of together.

Your marriage may be knocked down to the ground by a storm, but the beauty of marriage is that you and your spouse can be together to pick yourselves up. Remember, you and your spouse are one powerful team that can weather even the worst storm.


Seeking the Safest Place to Protect your Marriage

It is practically unavoidable for a relationship not to have some stormy days. Conflict is an integral part of living with someone you share your life and home with. If you are able to survive life’s windy moments, you can likewise safely weather the storm that menaces your relationship. Thus, when the warning signs are apparent, and you know there is a looming storm, you rush to a place where your marriage can be safe – marriage counseling.

A shelter during marital storms is not just where you can gather tips and advice. You may seek refuge and help from family, friends or a spiritual adviser. It is best, however, to go to counseling as soon as you notice the eight warning signs of a troubled marriage. A professional marriage counselor is nonpartisan and non-judgmental, offering a safe place far away from the flying debris and shattered glass of arguments or confrontation. There is a safe place for this.

If the warning signs are surrounding you and your spouse, you can be more prepared by seeking help from a skilled marriage counselor/therapist independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC. Most marital storms cannot be stopped, but no matter how strong the winds are, the right fit marriage counselor contracted with CCS can pilot a helicopter or steer a lifeboat out of a hurricane.

You may not be able to predict or prevent a marital storm, but you can alter its direction. You can decide if it will strengthen your marriage or not. Certainly, the latter is not your choice because help is available. If you want your marriage to sail more smoothly, contact Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC at 422 McArthur Road, Fayetteville, NC, near Ramsey St. now to schedule an appointment. Call today!

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