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Resolving Behavioral Issues with Child Counseling

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Resolving Behavioral Issues with Child Counseling


Applying discipline is the usual strategy that many parents adopt to instill good values and behavior to their children. To this day, it is still widely believed that discipline works and that there is no need to “reinvent the wheel.” Many parents, however, are learning the hard way that it doesn’t work for every child. When a child has an emotional condition, there is a big chance that he/she may not respond to discipline in the manner you expect they would.

Discipline is resorted to as their misbehavior creates and complicates family dynamics and conflicts. Without paying attention to these behaviors, which could be symptoms of an emotional condition, the disorder runs the risk of becoming worse. It can create more complications in their social and academic life, and your family. Untreated, they may also carry it to adolescence, which is a more difficult stage in their life. 

Despite your unconditional love, you may feel frustrated, unhappy and hopeless. It won’t help to succumb to hopelessness and misery. Instead, create a positive environment for your child. You can respond better to their unique needs if you can be assisted by a counselor. Counseling can empower you with more knowledge as a parent. A counselor or therapist can help in disentangling and resolving their issues, and in adjusting during transitions.


Reading Your Child’s Behavior

There is a thin line that divides acceptable behavior from worrisome behaviors among children. Misbehavior does not necessarily mean he/she has ODD or ADHD. Tantrums and defiance can be common among toddlers and preschoolers. The behaviors, even when extreme at times, may not essentially mean that they are depressed, anxious or that they are struggling with a behavioral condition. If these behaviors, however, are quite intense, frequent and happen without an acceptable reason, there could be more to it.

Children’s behavior can be influenced by a lot of factors giving rise to each child being unique. It can be influenced by their developmental phase, immediate environment, genetic predispositions, physical state or a medical condition, family dynamics and values, etc. They will change as they grow and they will encounter challenges along the way. Misbehavior, however, may also indicate an emotional or behavioral condition. This is why unacceptable behavior must not be readily dismissed as something natural or something they will outgrow.

If you are a parent who is worried about a beloved child, understanding their unique influences and challenges is critical to be able to provide the necessary guidance, assistance and support. Unable to understand their feelings, they can be confused and express this by exhibiting unacceptable behaviors. Your inability to understand your child’s behavior may stand in the way of using the appropriate parenting strategies, applying stern discipline even when it may not work. Working with a qualified professional is rewarding. It is an option that is at your disposal.


When the “Red Flags” are Up

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of an emotional or behavioral condition has always been a challenge for parents. There are manifestations that may mimic common behaviors among youngsters, such as grumpiness and disobedience among toddlers and preschoolers. There are also behaviors that are hardly perceptible because of their shy nature or introverted personality. If your child has gone through an unusually painful or upsetting experience, their silence may mean that they are not okay.

It can also be difficult to read their behaviors when the change in their behavior happens when you’re not there, such as on the playground or at school. Children will change as they grow. Again, this is expected, but not when the change is dramatic, excessive or deceptively unreasonable. While disruptive behaviors – hostility, excessive anger, defiance, impulsiveness, etc. – can be worrisome, these are easier to spot. Your attention will likely be caught if your child is incessantly breaking rules, having an accident, hurting others, or creating a scene – shouting screaming, crying or fighting with you or others.

There are some signs that you must not ignore – red flags that you must pay attention to. Children with emotional baggage have the tendency to release these by acting out  through explosive outbursts, bed-wetting or not eating properly. They may likewise respond by isolating themselves from others, moodiness, aggressiveness, poor performance in school, sadness, anxiety, helplessness, and hopelessness. Thus, after a heartbreaking event, seeking prompt intervention from a counselor/therapist is a smart choice.


Providing the Right Assistance to Your Child

Young children are naturally lively and boisterous when they are in a good mood, just as they can be a “pain in the neck” when they are feeling moody, unhappy, hungry, or sleepy. Not every mischief or misbehavior is critical, but because it could be a sign of a menacing emotional or behavioral condition or issue, it must not be disregarded. To know if there is a reason to worry and to provide early intervention, a forthright step to take is to seek help promptly.

A licensed therapist independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC, can provide the help that your child needs. The sooner you call Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC the better. This is because children are more responsive to intervention when given early. Thus, seeing a behavioral health professional early is both smart and productive. Call today to schedule your first appointment!

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