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Renewing Your Zest for Life as a Senior

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Renewing Your Zest for Life as a Senior


It is natural to age. Ushering changes, it can bring about a rewarding retirement life – a respite from the long years of working and parenting. It is undeniable, however, that changes may also result in apprehension with the overpowering thought of the inevitable declining physical vigor, as well as the increased risks of age-related medical and cognitive conditions.

The transition from middle age to late-life may not come easy to certain seniors as physical pains and chronic medical conditions result in them being dependent on others. The passing away of loved ones and peers may also shake their emotional stability, bringing to light the fact that death is real. Losing the abilities to do what they used to do and faced with the possibility of an idle life, the prospect can pose a threatening effect on them.

If you are an older adult or on the threshold of entering your senior years soon, know that “aging gracefully through the years” is an option. Your senior life can be mellowed, but does not have to be fearful, mundane and devoid of fun. It is important to have zest in life. If the years have taken a toll on your appetite for life, know that you have the power to change that.  Counseling can help in your late life.


Aging: A Second Look

Aging is a natural process called the “life cycle,” which started when you were born. When you enter this milestone, looking back at the various events in your life and reminiscing about your successes, as well as failures, it is natural to think about the inevitable end. What you may not realize is that there is a lot that you can do for your journey to be more fulfilling, things that will be remembered by your loved ones.

Being backed up by wisdom from the many experiences you had, the choice to live your senior life to the fullest is your well-deserved decision. What do you want your later part of life to be like? How do you want to be remembered by your children and grandchildren? How do you elude the threats of geriatric depression and anxiety?

You can have a depressed and/or anxious senior existence that’s full of bitterness, fear, sadness, grief, guilt, and pain. You can also choose to have a satisfying late-life with your level of energy and enthusiasm being similar to your vigor and appetite for life when you were young, despite certain physical, emotional and medical challenges. Know that you have the power to be happy. You can better enjoy your senior years when you can adjust well to the changes that beset your current state of emotional health.


Expect the Unexpected

There are many changes that may destabilize your faith in yourself and others. Your energy level may dwindle unexpectedly early in your 50s. The toll of the years will appear in the way you look – graying hair, wrinkling skin, and an increase or decrease of your body weight. Your vision, hearing and memory may lose their soundness. Your vitality may wane because of age-related conditions. With the side effects of the medications that you may take, you become the perfect candidate for a multitude of emotional conditions.


What are the usual contributors of depression and anxiety among older adults?


  • Losing loved ones.  The demise of a partner/spouse, son/daughter, a close friend, or peers is tough for anyone, but it can be twice as distressing for a senior adult like yourself. Their passing is a reminder of your own mortality. Adjusting to routines without them may destabilize your weakened ability to adjust and it may also take your attention away from your own concerns.


  • Onset of chronic medical conditions. Age-related conditions have the potential to contribute to faster deterioration of your visual, hearing, cognitive and mobility functions. These may similarly cause a decline in your body strength and energy level, dampen your appetite, affect your sleeping patterns, and/or trigger sexual dysfunction. These signs and symptoms can cause you to be irritable and hostile.


  • Deterioration of cognitive and emotional health. The changes, whether natural or induced by an emotional or medical condition, can trigger an avalanche of negative emotions. With your impaired day-to-day functioning, there will be effects on your relationships with loved ones, as you become more short-tempered, angry, and withdrawn. Thus, you can become vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Other potential issues you may encounter are memory loss, increased tendency of self-harm, alcohol and substance abuse, and trauma.


Refocusing on Happiness

There is a wealth of literature that support the vulnerability of seniors to depression and anxiety. There are illnesses to be concerned about and potential costs to worry about. The truth is scary, but these late-life realities are not absolute. On the opposite corner is the fact that you can change these outcomes by accepting your vulnerabilities and seeking help early to sustain your appreciation for life. 

With the right help, you can become well-informed about the signs and symptoms to watch out for, particularly those indicating depression and anxiety. Accepting that losing loved ones, the development of chronic medical conditions, and the decline of the emotional and cognitive health can threaten the quality of your life, you would not take these matters lightly. Knowing that aging can weaken, even shatter your attachments to those things that support your sense of identity, you would not delay seeking help. Despite the challenges, you would not be “caught flat-footed” because you have an idea of what to expect at this stage.

With senior counseling, your attachment to your dreams and aspirations can be sustained, so that you do not stop your creative processes. Having a positive attitude, you will not allow time to restrain you from recapturing your appetite for greater things and pursuing a satisfying, fuller life. In other words, you do not just surrender yourself to your current predicaments, stopping the flow of your creative juices and the drive to pursue ambitions or achieve more of your life passions.


Sustaining Your Zest with Counseling

Chronic medical conditions, disabilities and increased dependence on others, the reality of mortality and the passing of people you know – these are among the reasons why you may feel distressed and/or anxious. These threats are not imaginary. You can be gripped by these powerful emotions by submitting to perceived threats. Know, however, that you can also evade them and be happy as an older adult. A recent study reveals that the senior years can be a very happy time, attesting to the fact that happiness is not just for the young.

What power do you have to “turn the tide?” See a counselor. A counselor can help you recapture childhood dreams or aspirations and renew your zest to find the strength in pursuing previous passions. A counselor can help you see the bright side of life. You now have much more free time on your hands, so you can travel and see the world with wisdom. You now have a second chance to pursue what you may have missed while you were younger. If you missed your own children’s growth, this time around, you have the opportunity to witness the birth and growth of grandchildren.

Who do you call to step-in and help guide you through your senior life? A right-fit counselor independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC is just a phone call away. The good life doesn’t end when you reach your golden years – a fulfilling life awaits, even when you have age-related concerns. Do not allow distressing and scary feelings and thoughts to overpower you. Enjoy this chapter in life. Let a caring counselor/therapist independently contracted with CCS – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC assist you in renewing your zest for a fulfilling senior life. Call today!

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