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Protecting and Strengthening Your Marriage from Divorce with Counseling

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Protecting and Strengthening Your Marriage from Divorce with Counseling


In a society where divorce is considered to be the “easy way out” when a marriage stands only a 50/50 chance of survival, many couples find themselves hostile to each other even before reaching a divorce. This very antagonistic stance is often non-reconciliatory, propelling the couple to seek divorce and end the “final note” of the marriage.

It does not have to be this way. Divorce is not a fun time. It is a heartbreaking and harrowing process that can affect not only the couple, but their children in both the short and long term. The deep hurt and ramifications of divorce may ripple down to so many lives regardless of efforts to safeguard their welfare. Even an amicably-settled divorce can leave both parties emotionally and financially drained.


Shifting Away from Divorce

Knowing the ill effects of divorce, shifting to save and keep your marriage healthy appears to be more rational. What can you do to protect your marriage from divorce and strengthen it when all seems lost? How can you prevent the tide from carrying you away and falling over the edge to a divorce? Is it even possible to restore your marriage?

Marriage trouble come in all shapes and sizes that may threaten your union. You do not want to be defeated without putting up a good fight. Just as you are inclined to go to your doctor when you feel sick, you can choose to see a marriage counselor to save your marriage. Undergoing counseling is not an admission of failure, but it is a proactive and a regular measure that should be part of your relationship for it to prosper. Like athletes practicing to stay fit, married couples can benefit from marriage/couples counseling to sustain their relationship and guard it against intrusive factors that may lead to divorce.


Demystifying Marriage Counseling

Many couples hesitate to consider marriage counseling due to a number of cultural and personal perceptions that gave it a bad name. It is thought to be too expensive or a mysterious process that will not usually work in your favor. For many, marriage counseling is often considered as a last resort rather than a first aid to a marriage in distress. The general population just does not have full comprehension of what marriage counseling is or if marriage counseling a good option?


Here are some common mistaken beliefs about marriage counseling:


  • Counseling is only for couples about to be divorced. It may be true because couples wait too long to seek counseling. When they do, things have grown out of proportion and have become difficult to resolve. If you receive counseling early on, you will reap the benefits and can become happier in your marriage.


  • Only the “weak” need counseling. On the contrary, it takes courage to seek help when your marriage is ailing. Your marriage is more than just a union; it is the most valuable relationship you can ever have. Do not ignore or treat it lightly when you feel something is not right.


  • The tough ones do not seek help. If you think a divorced dad who misses his children because he does not live with them is tough, or a divorced mom who works for her family and does the chores is tough, then stay tough and feel sorry because you did not seek counseling to save your marriage.


  • The older generation did not go to counseling, and they stayed together. Did they look happy or was it just your perception when you were young? Many things have changed, including ways of taking care of relationships and improving them.


  • Nothing is wrong. You may not admit it, but you refuse to believe that something is wrong in your marriage. Just about anyone may need counseling at some point in their life. Sometimes the problems are not within your ability to solve and the people around you do not have the skills to help. It takes a nonpartisan professional who specializes in your issues to work with you.


A Successful Marriage with Counseling

Several factors can be attributed to marriage counseling being successful. This includes how early the couple seeks and begins therapy, the kind of therapy appropriately chosen for their specific situation or problem, and the willingness or commitment of both spouses to put into use the skills learned in order to repair their marriage. Apart from love, it takes communication to be on the right road to a healthy marriage. It requires conscious effort from both spouses to look at their own contributions to the problems at hand.

It is also important to know how to choose a good therapist who can work with you through the process. Results are more likely to be positive when you and your spouse, together with your chosen counselor, honestly and openly communicate with each other. This can greatly aid in knowing what works and does not work in your marriage so that the most appropriate solution can be recommended to address your issues and concerns.

In most cases, marriage counseling is effective when both spouses willingly participate in the sessions and express commitment to complete therapy. When one of the spouses cannot or is reluctant to go, the other one may still benefit from individual therapy. In this scenario, the expert counselor may be privy to one perspective, but will try to help repair the relationship while keeping the other spouse in mind.

Studies show that marriage counseling yields positive results for 70 percent of couples receiving treatment in the hands of a good marriage counselor. About half of the respondents attest to the effectiveness of counseling in resolving all or most of their serious issues. The importance of working with a trained marriage therapist is highlighted in order to achieve the most positive results.


Seeking Counseling to Shield Your Marriage

No committed, romantic relationship is safe from troubles and challenges. As couples embark on a roller coaster of ups and downs, conflicts can go with it. Sometimes couples tend to avoid conflict to prevent bitter disputes, but this often backfires. Bottling up thoughts and feelings is not a healthy way to protect your marriage. Some couples choose to give up, but it does not have to be the same with you.

If you want to fight for your relationship, you need to learn how to fight wisely. Don’t wait too long to receive counseling. Before waving the flag of surrender, it is well worth it to seek marriage counseling to save your relationship and protect it from the onslaught of future threats. It is true counseling involves some costs. Compared to the legal fees in the divorce process, marriage counseling can be a huge investment that will not traumatize your children but will ultimately preserve your relationship and family.

Reach out to Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC, where an independently contracted right-fit counselor/therapist awaits to work with you as you strive to protect and strengthen your marriage. With marriage counseling, you can be helped in avoiding all the common, costly mistakes of divorce. Call now to request an appointment and start rebuilding the life you’ve built together as husband and wife.

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