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Proactively Protecting Your Marriage with Counseling

Marriage counseling with Carolina Counseling Services Fayetteville NC,protecting and srengenthening marriage from divorce with Carolina Counseling Services Fayetteville NC

Proactively Protecting Your Marriage with Counseling


Most marriages usually start on the “fairy tale” premise that couples will live happily ever after. Although many marriages are able to survive through the years, some sadly end in divorce. While it is true that a marriage is not a fairy tale, research has confirmed that a healthy, long-lasting marriage is possible.

The Study of the Development of Long-Term Marriages Lasting for 25 Years or More focused on theories and ideas on how couples can increase the likelihood of staying married. It means that with the right knowledge, skills and effort, a couple can build, protect and sustain a healthy marriage. That’s where marriage counseling or couple’s therapy comes in to provide couples with the power to create an enduring marriage.


Protecting Your Greatest Investment

There are certain steps you take to protect the things you value in life: dressing up your child with clothes fitted for the season, insuring your house, and maintaining your car. When it comes to your greatest investment, what do you do to proactively protect your marriage?

Your marriage is the foundation of your emotional life. It is most exciting in the early years, when love is intense, and you melt at each other’s glance. There are vivid dreams for the future and anything seems possible as long as the two of you are together. As years roll by, your marriage may enter a battlefield. A myriad of factors and variables, whether internal or external, contribute to the gradual deterioration of what was once a “union made in heaven” such as work, in-laws, addiction, parenting style, pride, finances, stress, hormones, infidelity, etc. until your marriage becomes another divorce statistic.

It is safe to say that, like other couples, you did not marry expecting to be divorced in the end. If only you knew your marriage was not meant to be, you would not have walked down the aisle in the first place. It is true that problems and conflicts are part of a marriage, but they do not happen overnight and shipwreck your union. It is more likely that the tiny cracks and red flags in your marriage have been ignored or “swept under the rug” until they have grown into proportions beyond repair. Being proactive in protecting your marriage can help enrich your relationship and nurture the dreams you hold precious for your future together.


An Ounce of Marriage Counseling to Protect Your Relationship

Marriage counseling is usually pictured as a last-ditch effort before a relationship reaches its breaking point. So many couples think that seeking counseling is a sign of failure or weakness. It is far from the truth. In fact, anyone who thinks otherwise and feels there is no need for help is fooling themselves. The real shame is in seeing your relationship wither despite knowing there are resources that are not only helpful but are necessary to protect your relationship.


There is no need to wait for months, years, or longer to enlist the help of an expert. The sooner you consider outside help, the sooner your relationship can become healthy, satisfying and secured. Here are some ways how marriage counseling works:


  • Sounding Board – There are times when couples just need an independent, nonjudgmental someone to hear each other out. A trusted counselor can be a sounding board when couples seem to have difficulties resolving issues by themselves. With marriage counseling, you can find a neutral party to listen to what you have to say, without taking sides.


  • Facilitates Communication – One of the reasons that relationships become a “mess” is that couples bring something different that is difficult for one spouse to understand. Good communication fosters friendly dynamics between partners. A licensed marriage counselor can facilitate communication and understanding between couples.


  • Third Party Perspective – In most cases, couples bring a different perspective to the game, resulting in it being difficult to reach a decision. Sometimes, the views and opinions become mixed between them. A professional marriage counselor serves as the third party who can help explore the couple’s feelings and thoughts and process them in such a way that can be easily understood by each other.


  • Safe Place – The therapy room serves as a safe place where the marriage counselor takes no sides but helps bring both sides of a situation to light. Both parties are able to speak up without fear and be heard without judgment.


Every relationship is different, with varying life circumstances that may necessitate professional intervention. While counseling is often sought to fix something that has gone wrong in a marriage, it can also serve as a way to strengthen a good relationship before anything goes wrong. Going to counseling is like an ounce of prevention that can result in a marriage being healthier and stronger, and able to hold up better to age as years go by.


Preventing a Marriage Crisis

Many people think that marriage counseling or couple’s therapy is sought when a relationship is at the brink of divorce. The truth is counseling can help save a marriage from divorce. Statistics show that the divorce rate for first marriages is around 50 percent, while second marriages are at 67 percent, and third marriages are at 73 percent. It means there is a good reason for all couples to seek marriage counseling before divorce ever even comes into the picture.

Marriage counseling is often considered at the most critical time when couples are hanging on by a thread. Compared to couples who proactively seek help, their marriage becomes protected from any crisis beforehand. Couples who seek counseling are able to identify their shortcomings and any wounds that they may both introduce into the relationship and how they may affect or perpetuate vicious cycles in their marriage. Learning these things early and knowing how to resolve them early, before habits and expectations develop, help couples to avoid the pitfalls that endanger the relationship.

Many relationships encounter challenges caused by two different people with different beliefs and experiences. Marriage counseling helps couples in understanding these dynamics and helps them learn ways how to address them constructively. An expert counselor facilitates in navigating the differences in a healthy, constructive and productive way. Marriage counseling empowers couples to seek changes, set appropriate boundaries, and if necessary, end the relationship in the most amicable way.


Protect Your Marriage through Professional Counseling

Relationships require commitment and communication for them to be successful through the years. Marriage counseling is a positive, focused way to achieve this. Whether you have been married for decades or just recently, you may benefit from a little help so your marriage can be long-lasting and fulfilling. Whether you are happily married, but worried about the future, or if you are in a relationship that is not working at its best, marriage/couples counseling may just be the key.

The marriage counselors independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC are passionate about helping couples strengthen their marriage and grow a love to last a lifetime. One of them may be the right fit professional to work with you and your spouse to help address your personal goals. Get started on the path to a happy, healthy, loving, and long-lasting relationship. Call CCS – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC now to achieve building the cornerstone to a more satisfying life together.

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