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No Doctor’s Referral for TRICARE Counseling Beneficiaries

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No Doctor’s Referral for TRICARE Counseling Beneficiaries


Like other citizens, active duty military personnel, veterans and their families seek treatment for a number of emotional and behavioral issues. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reveals the result of a 2014 study in JAMA Psychiatry that 1 in 4 active duty military members show signs of an emotional health condition. Their families have their own share of emotional difficulties, too. The health concerns primarily include PTSD, depression and/or traumatic brain injury.

Apart from being physically in good shape, staying behaviorally and emotionally fit is a state of health that those in the service owe to their comrades. It is not, however, required for service members to disclose their health problems to their chain of command. Instead, it is the responsibility of medical officers and health care providers consulted to maintain the confidentiality of the health information of the concerned military personnel, whether it is a past or present condition.


TRICARE Responds to the Unique Needs of Service Members and Their Families

Service men and women have always taken a conscious effort to preserve their physical health. Along with it, they have equally taken care of their emotional and behavioral health as a vital part of each mission’s success. To promote care of better health in this aspect, the Department of Defense provides health benefits that include counseling support through TRICARE. Counseling was included, knowing that service members may be bringing home with them the effects of war, which can affect their families, as well. Untreated emotional and behavioral health conditions can be a greater safety threat than the health conditions being treated.

The TRICARE program covers health benefits for US military personnel, retirees, dependents, and some members of the Reserve Component. It also facilitates eligible TRICARE members and their beneficiaries in seeking treatment from their trusted health care providers. TRICARE has a worldwide network of accredited health providers with experience and training in addressing the unique needs, issues and concerns of the military community and their families. Retirees or dependents can receive counseling without a DR referral, but active duty service members need to secure a referral from their MTF before getting off-post counseling.


The TRICARE Advantage When You or Your Family Needs Counseling

If you, your family member or someone you know is showing alarming symptoms of combat-related health issues, do not think it is something that can be ignored or will get better on its own. The stress of deployment, military life and reintegration can put soldiers and families at risk for many emotional or behavioral health conditions. Treating them can be more complicated if help is delayed or not sought. A caring professional can swiftly intervene and help prevent the condition from worsening and assist in successfully restoring the good overall health and positivity that is deserved by our military.

If you are anxious that your career will be in jeopardy as soon as your “secret” is out when you talk to a therapist, fear not! Professional counseling strictly advocates confidentiality. You and your loved ones must not hesitate to seek help from legitimate providers; they will make sure that this confidentiality is not breached.


At CCS, Military Dependents and Retirees DON’T Need a DR Referral

With TRICARE, counseling is made accessible whether you are in or out of the military network. If you are in Fayetteville, NC, you may seek help from the right fit professional independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC, an IN-NETWORK provider.

CCS strictly follows military policy about confidentiality. More importantly, as a TRICARE beneficiary, you or your dependents will be exempted from needing a doctor’s referral if you are seeking counseling for life-threatening and military-related health issues. It is certainly a good career and personal decision if you make a call now to request an appointment.

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