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Marriage Counseling | An Investment for Your Relationship

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Marriage Counseling | An Investment for Your Relationship


People invest in things that can yield productive output for the future, such as stocks, bonds, education, children, properties, etc. What about your marriage? Your marriage is one of the most important and long-term investments to your well-being and happiness. Like any quality relationship, for it to be successful and last for life, or at least for a significant period of time, you need to put a lot of attention, time, and effort into it.

Committing to a relationship can result in meaningful, fulfilling and exciting consequences. Apart from love, which comes naturally, what else is needed to keep your marriage growing in healthy ways? How can you maintain this precious investment to ensure it bears the returns it initially promised? Like every significant investment you make, your marriage depends upon your continued care to guarantee long-term productivity.


Earning the Dividends from Investing in your Marriage

Every relationship is unique, but they equally need attention and care to thrive. Marriage is no different. Couples marry for many different reasons, and there are also a lot more reasons why many marriages drift apart. Surely, you want your marriage to stay strong and you want to stay together as a couple. How can you avoid the pain of divorce or the depression that accompanies it? By doing one uncomplicated thing you can have the power to create an enduring marriage – marriage counseling. No effort is wasted because your relationship is worth investing in!


Here are four good reasons to invest in your marriage:


  • A happy and contented life: Marriage is not always a bed of roses. There are times when life may throw curveballs along your marital journey, and you may experience stress, pain and trouble. Investing in your marriage can strengthen the bond with your life partner to enable you to face the challenges together and come out stronger. When a man and woman share unconditional love even during difficult circumstances, contentment follows, and happiness abounds.
  • A healthier lifestyle, financially secured life, and more intimate relationship: Investing in your marriage provides you the support to resist whatever temptations may come at you. It equips you with the tools to create a deep, satisfying love that is physically, emotionally and spiritually beneficial. A strong marriage promotes good health and intimacy. Married people also enjoy greater financial security than unmarried individuals or divorced couples.
  • A blessing for children: Children with parents committed to each other tend to flourish better than those who grew up with a single parent. It is easier to raise children when couples do it together, instead of doing it single-handedly. The effects of single parenting are staggering, including emotional and behavioral health issues in children, juvenile criminal activities, and substance abuse. It is indeed one of life’s greatest blessings for children to be raised in a healthy marriage.
  • An enjoyable empty nest together: The risk of not investing in marriage is more evident when the last child goes to college or moves out to start a family. This new phase in life can trigger various negative feelings, such as doubts, worries and fears. Investing in marriage counseling allows you to enjoy the freedom, relaxation and opportunities that would otherwise be unappreciated due to the depression, grief and loneliness felt by empty nesters.


A Resilient Marriage through Changes

People are inclined to change over time, whether it is in their interests, confidence or attitudes. The same thing happens with marriage. As newlyweds, you act as a caring spouse by putting in plenty of time, attention and effort to meet their needs. When life gets busy, it is easy for the relationship to be overlooked and take a back seat to kids, career, household chores, and social life. Putting your marriage on the back burner is not what you had intended it to be in the beginning. By doing so transforms it into risks for an unhealthy marriage for you, your spouse, and your children.

It is true that no marriage is perfect, but even with its basic qualities, it can be better. It takes total commitment to the relationship and couples must be willing to invest time and energy. All kinds of partnerships can turn out potentially great because there is no right way to be married. The wrong way, however, is not to invest in the relationship.

Commitment requires taking some actions. Marriage does not work if you just sit back, wait for something to happen, or wish you had what you wanted for it. Acting purposefully and sincerely to fulfil your commitment will accomplish the most in your marriage. If you want a relationally rich and full life as a couple, investing in your marriage will keep it alive and thriving. It is entirely your choice not only today, but all the days of your lives.


Relationship can change due to any of the following factors:


  • Children
  • Financial stress
  • Work demands either at home or in the office
  • Retirement/unemployment
  • Illness/disability
  • Substance abuse
  • Intimacy issue


All changes bring their own set of challenges. Sometimes the issues may be too complex or overwhelming for couples to work out on their own. In that case, it may be beneficial to reach out together for help. One of the most effective options is marriage or couples counseling.


Building a Long-Lasting Relationship

The marital union is the primary component vital to creating a happy and healthy family. Couples in a supportive and loving relationship are more likely to have a healthy, happy and satisfying life. They are less likely to struggle with physical, emotional or behavioral health problems. Even in challenging and difficult times couples in a good relationship are able to boost each other’s morale to enable them to sail through. Children also greatly benefit when couples exert effort to enrich the relationship.


Characteristically, a good marriage consists of the following ingredients:


  • Love
  • Respect, honesty and trust
  • Mutual physical (intimacy) and emotional support
  • Effective communication
  • Agreement about finances, parenting and other important family matters
  • Shared dreams for the future


On the other hand, couples whose relationships ended in separation or divorce often take two or more years to recover from their emotional pain and put their lives back on course. During this time, serious health and emotional problems may arise. Additionally, couples and children of unsuccessful marriages are significantly worse off after the relationship ended.


The Tools for a Successful Marriage

Deciding to seek marriage counseling is probably the wisest investment you will ever make. Timing is everything if you want marriage counseling to be effective. According to research, couples wait an average of six years before beginning the important work of resolving differences. By that time resentment has become ingrained and longstanding for counseling to be effective. There is no need to wait too long to reach out for help.

If you feel an area of your marriage is too much for you and your spouse to go through alone, Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC can help you. Knowing how to choose a good therapist is important, hence you will be matched with the right fit professional with experience and training in establishing a stronger relationship.

It does not matter whether you are newlyweds or have been married for a long time. Marriage/couples counseling is a proven tool that has helped thousands of couples explore and resolve areas of marital problems to effect real change in their relationship. Contact CCS – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC today to get started with an independently contracted right fit professional.

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