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Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Insurance?

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Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Insurance?


Many couples look forward to their wedding day as one of the most exciting and memorable days of their life. It is the day carefully planned around for many months and even years. It is portrayed in many movies as the day when the couple’s fantasies all come to life and though the story is usually up to that point only, it gives the idea of the bride and groom living happily ever after. The truth, however, is that the wedding day is just a single day, while marriage can last a lifetime.

 There may be no “perfect” marriage, and no relationship is going to be without its struggles. Being married and having a family is far from being uncomplicated. It takes more than love alone to intimately share life with a person with a different background, values and beliefs. Most couples hope for a joyful and lasting relationship. Sadly, however, there are some factors that may creep in as reasons why marriages break down and end up in separation or divorce.


Common Marital Challenges


  • Children – While the addition of children can be a wonderful and meaningful blessing to a marriage, having a family can put additional stress on the marital relationship. The responsibility and stress that accompany parenting can strain and reduce the amount of time couples spend together. Some even fall into the trap of putting their children first, so that they end up emotionally remote from each other.


  • Financial Issues – Too much or too little money can constitute one of the most common problems facing many relationships. Conflicts that revolve around money matters can symbolize deeper issues, such as power struggles and incompatible values or needs.


  • Trust Issues – Whether it is infidelity, jealousy, possessiveness, or lack of mutually-supportive goals, the lack or loss of trust is poisonous to the success of a marriage. Trust is an important anchor to a strong bond of safety and security. Without it, it can be difficult to establish a stable relationship.


  • Daily Stress – Everyday hassles can add up and exacerbate existing problems that plague a marriage. Couples are more likely to be overly sensitive, irrational, and less emotionally energetic to nurture the spouse or relationship on stressful days. When both partners are having a difficult day, there is less to give to each other emotionally.


  • Intimacy Issues – Intimacy, whether physical or emotional, can result in couples losing the connection with each other. The lack of it can cause couples to feel more like they are living with a stranger or roommate than their spouse.


  • Ignorance/Immaturity – Some couples marry without fully understanding what marriage entails. Studies show that the divorce rates are highest among young couples who may be unprepared for married life. While no marriage is free from struggles, it takes maturity to settle together harmoniously despite obstacles or disagreements.


  • Communication – One of the biggest predictors of marriage difficulties is poor or negative communication. When couples engage in endless fights, make nasty comments and are unable to resolve differences, the tendency can be to just stop talking. Sweeping issues under the rug can accumulate lethal debris that may resurrect to harm the union.


  • Bad/Abusive Habits – Some couples fail to realize they are getting into negative patterns of relating, perpetuating lazy or abusive personal habits that may ultimately affect and destroy the relationship. For some couples, it can mean physical or emotional abuse. For others, it may be habits that directly or indirectly involve the partner, such as gambling or addiction, where it may be safer for the other one to get out of the relationship for the reason of safety.


  • In-Laws – One of the most sensitive areas is about family, even if you have started your own family. The couple’s relationship with each partner’s parents can have lasting effects on the marriage. Whether they are in rapport or at odds with the extended family can backfire for them. While it can be advantageous to have other heads and hands helping with family responsibilities, it can also mean chaos and conflict that can put your marriage at risk.


It takes a lot to maintain a strong marriage. Fortunately, these challenges can be worked on if you have the patience to really make your marriage work. Even if you or your partner is the only one who consciously make the effort to change, it can reverberate to bring a shift in the dynamics of your relationship and have positive results. If one or more of the issues are becoming more obvious, do not wait too long to see the signs of marriage breakdown become a reality. Your marriage may benefit from the assistance of a counselor.


Going Ahead with the Decision to Seek Marriage Counseling

Experts agree in saying that it is best to seek marriage counseling as soon as discontent enters the scenario. There is no need to wait for the eight symptoms of a troubled marriage to become a full-blown crisis before seeking professional help. By delaying therapy, it can become more difficult to address or resolve your concerns.

If you are considering counseling, you may be inclined to stop in your tracks due to the cost it may entail. Cost is identified as one of the 4 things that can keep you from receiving the help you need. In this situation, it may come as a relief if your insurance coverage for marriage counseling applies.

Most insurance companies do not have coverage for marriage counseling, but instead they will cover the cost of Family Counseling. In this type of counseling, the family is considered the client, and the individual to be treated is part of the sub-system.  Family counseling is designed to treat the client or dependent member with symptoms of emotional or behavioral health issues.

Insurance providers tend to agree that family counseling is a vital course of action in treating marital problems within the context of the family. The distressing symptoms are believed to be the prime cause of marital difficulty or may have emanated from a troubled marriage. Both spouses are encouraged to come together during sessions to address marital conflict in a safe and nonpartisan environment.

When family counseling is sought early on, you are investing to protect your family and relationship. The expected results include the strengthening of relationships and restoration of healthy functioning. With this goal in sight, insurance can be used to cover marriage counseling.


Protecting Your Relationship with Insurance Coverage

Even if your marriage is not on the brink of a breakdown, you may find it beneficial to seek marriage counseling to find new ways to strengthen your marital emotional connection. Studies show that couples who benefited from counseling report a marked positive impact on their relationship. It is, however, important to stick to the treatment plan recommended by the therapist.

With all these points in mind, it is important to look for the right fit professional to work with. Look no further, because you can find your match at Carolina Counseling Services – Fayetteville-North, NC. An independently contracted counselor with experience and training in addressing your specific concern is waiting to help you and your spouse. The friendly staff will also be glad to be of help in seeing that your marriage counseling sessions are reimbursed by your insurance provider.  Call today to start enjoying all these benefits!

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