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Finding Opportunities During an Emotional Crisis

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Finding Opportunities During an Emotional Crisis


Nobody is immune from struggling – everyone has his/her own share of “lemons” in their lives. Nobody lives perpetually in their comfort zone. Hardships are inevitable. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, and Stephen King – they weren’t born remarkable. What made them different and great is the way they used what they learned from their failures. Just how can you rise above your life upheavals?

When you seem to be getting so many “lemons,” your senses can be muddled, and your wisdom shaken, so that recognizing the opportunities can be very difficult. How can an abusive childhood experience inspire you to improve your adult life? How can a loss give you resilience in the face of future hardships? How can family conflicts move you to forgive and improve the ties that bind you and your loved ones?

The answers can be easy – be brave/resilient; stay focused; let the love in your heart prevail – but in real life, doing the acts are easier said than done. Despite the challenges, making the best out of a traumatic, painful experience is the only way to be able to move on. You can make the most of any of these when you discover the opportunities in these situations.


Seeing the “Cross” as a Double-edged Sword

People have different crosses to carry. There are financially well-to-do celebrities who are afflicted with incurable medical conditions or who can’t seem to find the time for their families to feel loved. There are brilliant people who have answers to the most difficult questions, but who can’t fathom what’s going on in the minds of their troubled teens. There are daring entrepreneurs who can make heavy monetary investments, but who can’t wage their hearts in a romantic relationship.

The lesson is clear. “Nobody is immune from hardships and challenges.” Even the richest, most successful and brightest minds – they too have their crosses to carry. Missing out is a possibility, when hope is lost, and no effort is made to survive or to seek help. The ones who are likely to reach their destination are those who stayed single-minded in the face of the odds and those who embraced their challenges, so that they could discover their opportunities. 

Are there opportunities in a crisis? Yes! Crisis can be a double-edged sword. It can wreak havoc in your life, but it can also breed opportunities. Challenges can leave you a bitter or a better person – the choice is yours. If you will find the resolve and the courage to improve your resilience, the sad/painful experiences can bring you to greater understanding. It can also lead you to find or rediscover hope, trust and faith that you once lost to hurt, fear and bitterness.


What’s on the Flipside

When gripped with so many kinds of negative and overwhelming emotions, it is easy to succumb to hopelessness and helplessness. It is also easy to believe that the sun will never rise again in your life. This is because crisis isn’t typically appreciated as a harbinger of a great event. Rather, it is generally viewed as a stumbling block or a dead-end. It is difficult to see its potentials when you are embroiled in negativity – a grievous loss, poor emotional health, financial trouble, etc.

If you only surround yourself with negative people, you may never be able to bounce back from your agonizing state. Think positive. Believe it or not, crisis has a flip side – it carries with it enormous opportunities. The opportunity to develop resiliency. The opportunity to forgive and love again. The opportunity to stand up against challenges. The opportunity to live your life in a positive way. An opportunity to reach out and find strength with the help of others.

To appreciate these opportunities, seeing the crisis beyond its poignant form is important. If it is viewed as a “game-ender,” your reactions to the undesirable events will likely be self-devastating as well. Such reactions can be more damaging, leaving you stuck on the issues as they become more complicated. When stuck, sometimes even going back to the way things were can seem impossible. Moving on happily and successfully is probable if you will look at the other side of crisis.


The Value of “Others” When Bouncing Back

While stuck in a “sticky situation,” consider the value of having others to help you – your family and friends. Be cognizant too of the value of reaching out to a counselor who can help you appreciate what’s on the other side of the crisis. A counselor can help you see that there is something to gain from a painful, even traumatic event. When your senses are numbed by pain, trust a professional to remain as a steadfast guide who can lead you toward healing and better options.

What can a counselor do to help you? A counselor can help you modify your responses and behaviors to capably face your life and crises head-on. A counselor can help you heal, so you don’t wallow in difficulty longer than necessary. A counselor can help you appreciate relatives and friends that can provide unwavering love and support. He/She can help you create a positive environment for yourself, at home and work.

You need not face your issues alone. Aside from the reliable and supportive people around you, help can also be found outside this circle. A counselor or therapist is an ideal behavioral health professional you can approach to help you in the sorting out and resolving of your issues, or in the assessment of your symptoms, and diagnosis and treatment of your emotional condition. If personal fortitude, competence, confidentiality, and accessibility are important concerns, there is a counseling office near your home – Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC.


Seeing the Opportunities with CCS

“It is not the destination, but the journey.” So often, people are too fixated on their goals or where they want to go that they forget to cherish what they have at the moment. It is true that the journey of life is long and winding and the path to your goals can be blurred at times. With a sharp eye and a keen mind, though, these can be the same challenges that can give you clues and opportunities as to how you can proceed in your life.

Start rediscovering the opportunities in your challenges by sharing your issues/crises. Remember, the unconditional love and support of people who truly care, such as family and friends, can be invaluable. To see the opportunities that a crisis brings, however, you need someone trained and competent, such as a counselor or therapist. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, finding the right-fit professional is easy. You only need to contact an independently contracted counselor with CCS North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC.

Recognizing the opportunities that can arise in a crisis isn’t always easy.  It may take someone with an expert eye to spot or to transform the challenges into opportunities. It also takes a right-fit professional to know how you can be assisted to develop positive responses to help with your behavioral issues and resolve them. Your counselor can assist you in becoming a better version of yourself. Grab the opportunity to gain from your crisis. Call CCS – North Fayetteville Office now to meet your counselor.

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