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Counseling for Marriages in Any Season

Marriage counseling with Carolina Counseling Services Fayetteville NC,protecting and srengenthening marriage from divorce with Carolina Counseling Services Fayetteville NC, strengthen with counseling

Counseling for Marriages in Any Season


It is a fact that every marriage is still in process.  In the bestselling book The 4 Seasons of Marriage, marriage is described to be perpetually in a state of transition. All couples go and move through different seasons in their marriage – from summer to fall, and perhaps from winter to spring.

Like a cycle, the seasons of marriage come and go, repeating themselves many times throughout the span of the union. Some days are cold when couples feel discouraged, detached and dissatisfied; on other occasions, couples embrace with hope the springtime with openness and anticipation. At other times, like lovebirds, spouses laze around with warmth and comfort in the summertime of their relationship, until the season of fall fills their marriage with uncertainty, gloom and apprehension.

Precisely because each season has its own challenges, each one has an equal potential to affect the emotional health and happiness of couples. While it is true that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, you can have the power to create an enduring marriage than you do now if you take positive steps to improve and strengthen your union regardless of what season your marriage is in.


Weathering the Marital Seasons

When you were considering getting married, the word “survival” may not have even crossed your mind. Yet, based on many of the marriages in today’s world, “survival” is the name of the game in withstanding the various seasons of marriage and lasting throughout your life. During the process, you do not just want to survive the seasons, but you want to work together so your marriage can thrive and grow.


The emotional seasons are identified as follows:


  • Spring – A time when your marriage undergoes new beginnings and you excitedly anticipate what lies ahead. It is filled with optimistic attitude, gratefulness, love and trust, so it can be easier to enjoy the fragrance as your relationship blossoms. You and your spouse feel animated and light-hearted, and there is an overall feeling of optimism and joy. Just as the spring in nature, however, you may experience allergies and unexpected irritations amidst the excitement during the springtime of your marriage.


  • Summer – With fun as the general theme, this season exudes a deep sense of commitment, satisfaction and security in the name of love. The desire to keep growing together is watered-down by constructive communication and open acceptance of each other’s differences. The summer season cultivates a positive attitude that keeps the flowers blooming and your happiness flowing. The heat of the season, however, may ignite conflicts which must be addressed to keep your marriage remain in the euphoria of summertime.


  • Fall – A gloomy season when the leaves of connection with your spouse are turning brown, withering and falling off. Some vibrant colors may remain, and as they struggle to hang on, your heart yearns for the coming of the season of new growth. Your marriage may look fine on the outside, yet changes are brewing underneath. It is a prelude to winter when sadness, resentment, emotional depletion, and uncertainty about where your marriage is heading. Fall season in marriage is the time when you can choose to drift into winter or go back to the spring season with rekindled relationship.


  • Winter – Cold and distant, your relationship begins to form icicles of indifference due to the lack of warmth of emotions that once burned passionately. When your marriage experiences a winter season, you feel uncertainty or hopelessness as indications that things are not right. The lingering emotions are disappointment, hurt, rejection, anger, and loneliness. The natural inclinations are avoidance, withdrawal, and violence. The positive side, however, is that this season is not without a purpose for it often stimulates you to nourish your marital growth. This is often the time when couples seek professional help.


The seasons of marriage constantly change. Couples ride out shifting attitudes, fluctuating emotions, and other ebbs and flows of challenges. The good news is that there is hope for a climate change in your marriage. With some intentional effort to warm up and stay cosy regardless of seasons, you may benefit from marriage/couples counseling to weather the emotional climate of your marriage.


The Right Season to Seek Marriage Counseling         

Timing is an essential element for marriage counseling to be effective. Most couples, however, wait for the gloomiest season in their marriage before reaching out for help when, unfortunately, the relationship has gotten beyond repair. On average, it takes a waiting period of six years of marital unhappiness before most consider seeking help. For that long period of time, resentment has already built up before the important work of learning how to effectively resolve differences can be started.

The important question is in knowing when to seek marriage counseling. Waiting too long can have many economic disadvantages, negative health consequences, short and long term emotional and behavioral effects on children, etc. The more entrenched the problems, the more difficult they become to resolve, and in some cases, further damage can occur if the situation is allowed to undergo extreme deterioration. You may have tried to improve and repair your relationship on your own, but not all recurring negative patterns can be treated despite your best efforts. In this scenario, you may need to call for extra help.

Marriage counseling can be an important part of every marriage in any season. Most issues originate as small until they grow without being resolved. Counseling may be beneficial at any stage of the union. It can be taken as a preventive measure to resolve conflicts, as well as in keeping the relationship working in healthy condition. There is no need to wait until both of you are completely on board with the idea of seeking counseling. If you or your partner feels the need for a nonpartisan third party, it is probably the right time. The best season to reach the decision is before, rather than wait for the relationship to show signs of deterioration.


‘Tis the Season to Seek Help

It is common for people to associate counseling with newlyweds, or with couples on the brink of a divorce. There are, however, many ways in which couples who are not experiencing marital distress or facing a major life transition could benefit from marriage counseling.

You may feel nothing is wrong with your marriage, thus there is no need to fix it, right? Not exactly, because there is still the need to fiercely guard, protect and nurture your relationship from things that may cause it to fall apart. Even marriages that have lasted for decades may benefit from counseling to improve marital functioning and satisfaction.

Do not think your relationship has hurdled all the marital seasons that include the harrowing period of raising a family, establishing a career and building a home together. As your marriage ages, there may still be issues that can cause conflicts. The more proactive you are, or the sooner you can stop any negative pattern in your marriage, the better.

Whether you have just recently been married, looking for ways to strengthen your relationship, or hoping for a miracle to save your marriage, seeking marriage counseling is better than no marriage counseling. Professional help is an investment without any risk. Consider the help offered at Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC. One of the independently contracted counselors may be the right fit professional who can help. Call now to request an appointment.

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