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Is Your Marriage Paralyzed by Anxiety?

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Is Your Marriage Paralyzed by Anxiety?


There may be no greater bond more powerful than marriage. When a couple starts experiencing anxiety that cast a shadow over this union, it is not surprising for the relationship and the quality of the couple’s life to be profoundly affected. Anxiety in marriage is complicated and can present different challenges to different people, but once your marriage starts to be incapacitated by it, you may be compelled to do anything to stop it.

Anxiety in marriage is common. It is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you or your partner is a worrisome person. If communication between spouses is not well formed, anxiety may surely become a part of the relationship. Precisely because you are social by nature, it is expected to feel anxious if you do not feel connected and wanted by the person you are married to.


Common Causes of Marital Anxiety

Fundamentally, to feel anxiety in marriage means you care and worry about the people or things most important to you. Anxiety is felt when the love or relationship you hold on to might be at risk because you worry it may not work, or you fear about losing it. Almost all marriages have their share of challenges which may cause a great amount of distress to couples. At times, however, it can be more difficult for half of a couple to take on more than their share of marital difficulties and challenges to the extent that the affected spouse may have an anxiety disorder.


A variety of things can bring on anxiety in a marriage, and the condition differs depending on what caused it. Some of the universal causes of anxiety in marriage include


  • Uncertainty about the Future of the Marriage/Relationship – The loss of a clear sight in how the marriage is going to work out is easily one of the factors that can cause anxiety in one or both spouses. This can be an issue which can ignite arguments and cause a spouse to hold back on giving of themselves.


  • Loss of trust – Serious issues like infidelity and hiding financial information can weaken or diminish the trust between spouses. Anxiety can trigger irrational suspicions and breed paranoia. If trust is gone, anxiety can creep in to rob couples of the joys of marriage.


  • Frequent fights – A marriage characterized by frequent fighting becomes a marriage eggshell. It is not only about the fights where one or both spouses vent their anger to each other, but it is also about the general feeling of anxiety as to when the next fight will be. The incessant worry can significantly affect your actions around the home because you feel you need to protect yourself anytime a fight erupts.


  • Negativity – A marriage with lots of negativity can transform a once loving and caring couple into being unsupportive and unfriendly to each other. Constant negativity and negative thinking can cause unhealthy levels of anxiety that result in your rejecting and avoiding things that might benefit you or the relationship. It also stops you from taking the right action to change things that are hurting your marriage because you feel hopeless or stuck.


  • Stress – Considered as the over-arching reason for couples to feel anxiety in marriage is the presence of long term stress. Stressful circumstances in marriage, such as lack of money, health problems, or too much household work are without a doubt a source of anxiety. In times of these tough situations, the last thing a couple needs is to engage in marriage arguments because the symptoms of anxiety may rise to the fore.


Marriage is supposed to be a sanctuary for couples to enjoy peace and harmony. When that safety feature is jeopardized or deadened by marital anxiety, the very foundation of your relationship weakens. It may struggle to survive for a while but will eventually dissolve if the debilitating symptoms are ignored. When it comes to your marriage, it makes sense to find help as early as possible.


The Damaging Effects of Marital Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), people with anxiety disorders have double the chance of experiencing difficulty in their relationships. Knowing how anxiety disrupts marriage can help couples confront its overwhelming and deeply personal impact. An anxious spouse becomes very self-absorbed and sees everything as always something to have to do with him or her. Cognizant of this feeling, the person with anxiety may struggle to beat themselves up for their failure to see beyond themselves.

With the overwhelming fear and worry it can be difficult for the anxious person to maintain a job, express feelings to others, or even try to venture far from his or her comfort zone to try out new experiences. There is the tendency to build up emotional walls as protection from the perceived harm or danger out in the world, then it becomes difficult to form the necessary bond to form a happy marriage.

The constant worries about your marriage can be the starting foundation of chronic stress and anxiety. Research shows that married people who are unhappy are at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalances, and dysfunctional immune system. It can be easily seen that anxiety in marriage has become a big issue when these symptoms manifest: sleep disorder, depression, social withdrawal, and feeling of hopelessness or helplessness.

Very often, anxiety in marriage bleeds into other areas, resulting in it no longer being exclusive to the relationship alone. It may become a full-blown anxiety disorder rooted in a troubled relationship. Accompanied by other problems caused by anxiety, such as an irrational fear and excessive worrying, it can be difficult for a marriage to survive the strain.


Rising Above Anxiety as a Couple

It is expected for couples to worry even if you have the healthiest relationship. This comes naturally, especially if there are reasons to be worried about. What is not okay is when anxiety starts paralyzing your marriage. While anxiety can be healthy, it can also be debilitating and detrimental to relationships. Couples facing anxiety, fear, phobias and OCD have found it beneficial to seek professional intervention.

It can be difficult to admit to needing assistance and finding the courage to seek help. Family and friends may be a great source of support when your marriage is being rocked by anxiety. Sometimes, however, your marriage may need more than their guidance alone. The complex roots of anxiety warrant skilled professional assistance. Without proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, anxiety will continue to weaken your marriage by chipping away your joy, connection, intimacy, and bond. Without treatment, anxiety may strangle your marriage into a sad conclusion.

Do not allow your marriage to be part of that untreated statistic. Anxiety is not an everyday issue that couples like you can resolve by yourselves. Help is available from a skilled and caring counselor independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville-North, NC. With CCS you can cast away your worries about confidentiality and privacy for we respect and value this principle the most, along with our clients.

Battling anxiety in marriage is the responsibility of both people in a couple. All it takes is to make a phone call to connect you to the right fit professional independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville-North, NC. One who will work with you and your spouse to help you enjoy marital bliss once again – without fear. Call now to request an appointment.

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