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Building A Beautiful Life Despite Medical Issues

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Building A Beautiful Life Despite Medical Issues


Growing up healthy allows you to enjoy the benefits of an active routine. However, it may not really prepare you for what is about to come. The diagnosis of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and arthritis, to more serious ones such as cancer, dementia or AIDS can extinguish the hope inside of you. As the diagnosis sinks in, it is highly possible to be overwhelmed with mixed emotions. 

This feeling will not just go away immediately. The process takes time and accepting a life-changing diagnosis is no different. Be patient; you can build yourself up again despite the changes and challenges ahead of you. Remember, everyone processes traumatic experiences differently. Some may easily accept the diagnosis while others may be distressed with their current situation. The latter may happen to anyone at any time, causing them to get stuck in a rut.

No one asks for a medical issue to befall them, however, if an accurate diagnosis is given, it is not productive to deny the truth. Denial, especially a protracted one, can even be life-threatening. The first step in turning a new leaf is to accept the medical diagnosis. Acceptance, however, can be more easily said than done. A helping hand can make the difficult steps easier. This is where a counselor can help.


Getting Past the Whirlwind of Emotions

Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic illness can be frightening. These types of illnesses may affect you for a long period of time or even for life. Long-term treatments for chronic illnesses may also be required. These types of treatments are not only expensive, but also come with possible side effects and require lifestyle changes. Symptoms must be acknowledged, understood and monitored. Aside from these changes, a number of medications may be needed daily, while other worries, such as laboratory tests may become common practice. Alterations in the diet may restrict access to your favorite foods – this is yet another challenge you may not have been prepared for.     

Illnesses can befall anyone from all ages. Since many illnesses have genetic roots, it is possible that a family member has or has had the same condition. If a relative had the same condition, the thought alone can scare or depress others in the family about the possibility of a similar diagnosis. A whirlwind of emotions like confusion, terror, grief, frustration, guilt, anger, etc. may swamp you, as you think about your loved one and what he or she went through.

In time, these feelings of grief and despair may dissipate, but reaching to that stage may not happen as soon as you would want it to. The waiting and the hopelessness can take a toll on your emotional health. Know that you need not go through this challenge alone. You have the option to proactively look for a counselor to assist you in your battle with your emotions.


Nip the Problem in the Bud

Although emotions usually wane as time goes by, too many negative feelings at a single point can also harm your capacity to adapt to the changes. This may also result in the delay of the proper treatment, decreasing the chance to ease the symptoms of the condition. Time, unfortunately, can be wasted, if you wait to feel comfortable with your medical issue before beginning treatment. To move forward, you must ‘fast track’ your emotional recovery from grief and agony as soon as possible.

A good strategy when planning to save your health is counseling. This strategy does not only affect your physical issues, it also touches your emotional health. “Distress is common following a chronic disease diagnosis,” says the American Psychological Association. There is, after all, a connection between depression and being diagnosed with a chronic medical condition. Diseases that affect your whole being can limit you in terms of mobility and might restrict you from doing typical activities that you enjoy. When this happens, your sense of independence and self-confidence can be affected.

While it is true that individuals with existing medical issues run the risk of developing depression after diagnosis, those who just received the news could be more vulnerable. As extreme emotions can swamp them after being diagnosed with a life changing illness, they may be in denial. This emphasizes the need for counseling.


Positivity Through Counseling

When things seem to be falling into shambles, you may be blinded and believe that you may not have a chance at a happy life again. Although your health is at risk, this is not the end of you being able to find fulfillment. Negativity can complicate your situation. It may seem cliché, but positivity in your life can make a world of difference. There is no better time to maintain and exude positivity than right after a life-altering experience. You can begin by realizing your new life purpose.

Settling in with your new life purpose will prove to be a challenge, however, it is something that can be made easier through counseling. A helping hand and a guiding mind can allow you to have a fresh look at the road ahead of you. You may not immediately recognize it, but your condition can become an opportunity to get back to basics, as you realize how eager you want to live your life.

As you go deeper, a new purpose might sprout during the process to help you improve your life in many aspects. Counseling works by allowing you to be open to learning and accepting your condition, as well as the changes required to live a full life. Counseling can fundamentally guide you to achieve peace of mind no matter what medical issue you may have.


Post Diagnosis: Turning a New Leaf is Your Choice

Facing a chronic medical issue with positivity starts with you. Finding out about your condition is a momentous event. It can, however, be of great benefit to you to meet it without fear and hopelessness. If you are held up by denial, anger, frustration, desperation, distress, fear and other emotions, make the wise choice to feel better and contact Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC.

Experiencing a mix of emotions is expected when you feel like there is no hope for you down the road. You must not allow these emotions to overwhelm you. Although a total recovery from a medical issue may not always be possible, you still have the choice in how you live your life starting today. Even if your condition is a lifelong illness, a caring counselor independently contracted with CCS – North Fayetteville Office, can help you in your choice to be happy and full of hope along with the possibility of easing some of your negative symptoms.

You need not face this challenge alone. Your loved ones are ready to help you; however, they can be assisted better by an experienced professional to help them. Let a caring and experienced counselor contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – North Fayetteville Office – Fayetteville, NC help you and your family face these challenges together after the diagnosis of a chronic medical condition. Turn over a new leaf in your book of life – seek family therapy too, it can make a world of difference. Call today.

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